MTV’s Interview with Josh Hutcherson Part 3

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MTV released the third part of their interview with The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson, who talked about costumes and how much he loves his fans.

MTV: What can you tell us about that costume in the arena?

Josh Hutcherson: The costumes in the arena are very practical, which they had to be, not only for the purpose of the characters but also for us as actors because sometimes it was 95 degrees in the forest, and you’re running around and you want to make sure you’re wearing the right clothes and the appropriate attire and the right kind of shoes and everything. So we made it very real.

MTV: What about the one that is on fire?

Hutcherson: The one that’s on fire, I don’t want to say anything about that yet, you’ll have to wait for it. It’s very cool, I promise you. It’s very cool.

MTV: Have you been following any of the fan fervor surrounding the film?

Hutcherson: Obviously the fans are crazy about it, which I’m really excited for them to see it. But for me, I stay away from a lot of that stuff, just because I don’t really look at it all that much. But I hear some things people are saying, and it’s pretty cool. It’s exciting to hear people are that interested in something you’re doing, so it’s a little nerve-racking, but I’m onboard. The fans for “The Hunger Games,” they’re die-hard. They’re the best fans in the world so I’m really excited for them to see the movie.

Source: MTV

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